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students install custom sod

Greening campus: students install custom sod

May 8, 2013
Have you ever wondered why the grass along Tower Road looked so miserable even though it runs alongside the Plant Sciences building? A group of students from the “Grassing the Urban Eden” class (HORT 4931) recently re-sodded the side of the road, from Garden Avenue towards Day Hall, to transform the grim strips along the sidewalk into a long green carpet in just an hour. Read more

Iron Lady tomatoes resist three fungal diseases

Mar 14, 2013
If the name fits, grow it: "Iron Lady" is the first tomato to resist three major fungal diseases - early blight, late blight and Septoria leaf spot - plaguing New York's growers for years. For farmers, this new tomato dramatically reduces the need for expensive fungicide. Read more
Steve McKay

Steve McKay earns IPM award for dedication, expertise and leadership

Feb 14, 2013
Three days after Tropical Storm Lee blew through the Northeast in early September 2011, turning streams into rivers, then lakes, getting a tractor into the waterlogged research plots at Cornell University's Thompson Research Farm was an obvious no-go. So farm manager Steve McKay slipped on a backpack sprayer and slogged through the muddy fields bordering Fall Creek. Read more
Energy Survey

Energy survey, report aid in saving energy

Jan 21, 2013
A report based on a spring 2012 energy-use survey at Cornell has been made available online, and the findings could help Cornellians -- from individuals to campus groups -- interested in saving energy. Read more
Panel member

Panel focuses on farming in unpredictable weather

Jan 14, 2013
With 2012 going down as the hottest year ever recorded in the contiguous United States, it was fitting that a Cornell-led panel titled “Farming Through Unpredictability” kicked off the 181st New York State Agricultural Society forum Jan. 9 in Liverpool, N.Y. Read more
Going with the grain

Going with the grain – from wheat variety research to bread tasting

Jul 24, 2012
From farm tours and presentations about soil health and organic grain research to bread and pizza tasting: the recent field day at Willsboro had much to offer to all participants. Area farmers were eager to learn about season extension and grains and grapes especially suitable for the North East. Read more
Steve McKay

Steve McKay receives George Peter award

Jun 14, 2012
Steve McKay, farm manager at Cornell's Homer C. Thompson Vegetable Research Farm in Freeville, N.Y., was recently recognized as the 178th recipient of the George Peter Award for Dedicated Service. Read more
Dilmun Hill Student Farm

Sustainable agriculture recurrent theme at CALS

Mar 13, 2012
Cornell has future generations in mind as it helps students prepare for careers in agriculture. Sustainable agriculture is not only taught in the classroom but students have hands on learning opportunities at Dilmun Hill Student Farm and other locations. Read more