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Bagged apples on a shelf

Cornell Orchards Store to close Jan. 31

Jan 28, 2020

The Cornell Orchards Store – long a retail outlet for the university’s apples, fresh cider and other fruit grown at the Cornell Orchards, along Route 366 – will close Jan. 31.

Student farmer Teddy Matel

Treasures and lessons from Dilmun Hill Student Farm

Nov 7, 2019

Teddy Matel ’22, a plant sciences major, has been a farmer at Dilmun Hill Student Farm for a year and a half. In my first minute on the farm, I have already been introduced to a new fruit — and, apparently, a new way of making ice cream.

A man in a suit speaks at a podium

CALS honors talent, dedication of faculty & staff

Oct 31, 2019

On Oct. 29, CALS celebrated the 16th annual Research & Extension Awards and the 10th annual Core Value Staff Awards. These awards recognize the notable and wide-ranging accomplishments of CALS faculty and staff, who always go above and beyond in their contributions to the college.

A corpse flower sitting in a greenhouse with other plants surrounding it.

‘Corpse flower’ poised to make another big stink

Sep 11, 2019

Carolus, one of Cornell’s two giant Titan arum plants, also known as “corpse flowers,” is getting ready to once again unleash its fetid odor in the Liberty Hyde Bailey Conservatory on Tower Road.

Researchers study a honeyberry bush

Researching specialty berry crops for Northern New York

Jul 8, 2019

Michael Davis, farm manager for the Cornell University Agricultural Experiment Station, Willsboro, has spent years researching the commercial viability of growing and selling Juneberries, Honeyberries and Aronia berries in Northern New York.

Drone capturing video of corn field at Musgrave Research Farm

The great disruption

Feb 23, 2019

Rapid and radical changes are happening across agriculture as digital technology expands a farmer’s capacity to produce high-quality, nutritious food. 

Apples at the Cornell Orchards

Journey of a Cornell Orchards apple: 5 steps from tree to table

Dec 5, 2018

The Cornell Orchards support research projects, from developing pest and disease resistant fruit, to extending the harvest periods and storage life of crops. Some of the more than 50 apple varieties are also used to supply the Cornell community with fresh local fruit and cider.  

Drone capturing video of corn field at Musgrave Research Farm

Plant breeder taps latest technology to feed the world

Oct 31, 2018

Mike Gore, Ph.D. '09, professor of plant breeding and genetics, is working on a more efficient way to develop crops that produce higher yields and better nutrition profiles as the world's population grows.

One of Cornell's greenhouses, flooded by pink growing lights

Growing the world's food in greenhouses

Oct 4, 2018

Can greenhouse crop production become efficient enough to produce food for the masses? Neil Mattson and his research team are tackling the challenges.