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New Consortium to Reduce Greenhouse Energy Use

Jun 5, 2017
The Greenhouse Lighting and Systems Engineering (GLASE) consortium is advancing LED light engineering, plant photobiology, carbon dioxide enrichment and systems control to create intelligent systems that can dramatically reduce the energy cost and carbon footprint of horticultural lighting. Read more

The Ithacan: More efficient firefighter equipment

Dec 6, 2016
Rumit Kakar’s research aims to improve the comfort and efficiency of firefighters by using personalized boot heights and a new harness backpack design. The study is supported in part by CUAES Federal Capacity Funds. Read more

Cornell's Titan arum poised to flower again

Oct 6, 2016
‘Wee Stinky’ – one of two flowering-sized Titan arums – is poised to flower again in the very near future. It will be the first Titan arum to flower in the new Conservatory, which re-opened last spring. Read more