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Dilmun Hill Community and Governance

Dilmun Hill Student Managers

We are a student-run farm that has been practicing sustainable agriculture on Cornell's campus since 1996. Our community is the backbone of the farm - it makes it all work, and it makes it fun. Running a student farm is as much about organizing, budgeting, and growing vegetables as it is about working jointly as a team.

Join our team and stay connected

  • Volunteer at the farm (we will soon schedule regular work parties again)
  • Join the Steering Committee
  • Conduct your student research at the farm
  • Become a farm manager
  • Follow us on Facebook or Instagram
  • Join our email list by sending an email to

Student Farm Managers

The farm managers are in charge of the daily operations at Dilmun Hill, including the sustainable vegetable production; the sales, marketing and donation of produce; and all outreach and education efforts such as hosting tours, events and classes. Responsibilities are split up between the different managers. Being a farm manager is a full time paid position over the summer months and a part-time position during the fall and spring semesters. Managers must be undergraduate students at Cornell and are also eligible to earn academic credits. Whether or not you have farm experience, we welcome you to join our team. A job as a farm manager provides the opportunity to launch yourself into a prominent leadership position at this fully-functioning farm.

Steering Committee 

The Steering Committee is a small working group of dedicated students and the Organic Farm Coordinator. This committee was formed to assure continuity and better coordination at the farm. The committee is in charge of planning and implementing policy and manages logistical and administrative needs implicit in running an educational farm. It functions with a non-hierarchical consensus-based structure. Membership on the Steering Committee is open to undergraduates, one graduate student, and one non-student/community member. Committee members also help with field work and aid the managers in the operation of the farm. Undergraduate members of the Steering Committee may choose to receive one independent study credit per semester. We send out a call for applications for new Steering Committee members every fall.


Volunteers are a vital part of our community. We could not get the work done without them. Throughout the year we host work parties, opening the farm to members of the Cornell and Ithaca community for an afternoon of fun in the fields. They help with anything from preparing the beds, to planting, and weeding, and our favorite part: harvesting. In turn, volunteers learn about sustainable agricultural practices, join a fun community of farm-nuts and foodies, and go home with fresh, organically grown produce.

Student Researchers

Student researchers conduct their own research at the farm. They also help the managers with daily operations and 2 to 4 hours of field work a week.  If you feel that your research project is a good fit with our organically managed student farm and mission, we would like to hear about it!

Faculty, Staff, Student Advisory Board (FSSAB)

The FSSAB assists in the creation of crucial policy for the farm and provides support and advice. It also helps to provide continuity of knowledge and operational procedures. The FSSAB consists of four faculty and staff board members, Cornell AES organic coordinator, and four students that are former managers or Steering Committee members. 

Organic Coordinator

The Organic Coordinator is so much more than the supervisor of the farm managers: she is an advisor and mentor on any matter concerning the farm, may it be agricultural or administrative; she is the main staff liaison with the University and Cornell AES; she provides direct support and input to student managers and Steering Committee members.