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Dilmun Hill Student Farm

Students are tending crops at a Dilmun Hill Work Party

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Dilmun Hill is closed to visitors until further notice and all farm-based activities are currently on pause. We are looking forward to seeing you at the farm once normal operations resume.

Welcome to Dilmun Hill. We are a student-run farm that has been practicing sustainable agriculture on Cornell University's campus for more than a decade. We provide students with opportunities for experiential learning, group collaboration and research. Throughout the year we host work parties, inviting volunteers to join our community and help with seasonal chores on the farm, while learning about sustainable ag practices.

Our produce is available at the Cornell Farmers' Market and at Anabel's Grocery on campus. If you love farm-fresh, organically grown produce, consider joining our summer or fall CSA program. We collaborate with various organizations on campus, such as MacDaniels Nut Grove (MNG). The student managers and steering committee members collaborate with the Organic Coordinator and Faculty Advisors to provide leadership in farm operations.

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A new barn at Dilmun Hill 

The construction of the new barn is progressing rapidly, and it will be ready for use later this spring. Besides working and storage space, it features a large, covered porch with a great view of the farm.

This project is being funded by a generous donation of Michael and Ellen Wolfson, and by Cornell AES.

The new barn at Dilmun Hill with windows and siding
The new barn with windows and siding
Dilmun Hill barn with roof in the snow
The new roof was up just in time for last night's snow
Dilmun Hill barn construction on 2-11-2020
The trusses are up! 2/11/2020
New barn at Dilmun Hill on 2/6/2020
After just two days of construction
Construction of the new barn has begun
The new barn, one day after construction has begun