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Cornell AES Staff Awards

Cornell AES manages approximately 3,500 acres of fields, forests, farms and facilities. We support hundreds of research projects that help solve real-world problems, from improving agricultural crops resistance to pests, to addressing world hunger.

The dedication and hard work of our staff supports Cornell's mission to be a premier institution of scientific research and learning, tackling the complex challenges of our time through purpose-driven science.

We want to recognize your contribution. Winners of Cornell AES awards will be profiled on our website so we can all learn a little bit more about what we do as individuals that adds to the whole.

Employee Appreciation Award

If you have a team member at Cornell AES who has shown unusual dedication, insight, teamwork, or provides an example of excellence in the field, please nominate them for our Employee Appreciation Award. This award publicly recognizes their special contributions. Send us your nomination.

Employee Appreciation Award recipients

Sustainability Achievement Award

If you have a colleague at Cornell AES who stands out for modeling sustainability at the workplace, please nominate them for the Sustainability Achievement Award. We will recognize staff members for their commitment, innovations, or exceptional service related to sustainability. Send us your nomination.

Sustainability Achievement Award recipients