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On-campus visit inspires international farmers

Jul 28, 2014
Ten participants of the Nuffield Scholar Global Focus Program, seeking inspiration for their businesses back home in Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania, Ireland and the U.K., spent a week touring Cornell’s agricultural facilities. Read more

Plant pathologists help thwart vexing grain disease

May 22, 2014
To protect wheat for bread and barley for beer, Cornell plant pathologists have been evaluating ways to battle fungal blight. Recently the scientists found that a local fungal strain is no longer controlled by a key fungicide. Their findings provide warning to farmers, who can, however, surmount field problems with sound pest management practices. Read more

Juneberries gain popularity with Northeast farmers

May 6, 2014
Like the taste of cherries, raisins and almonds? How about all in one?  Try a juneberry. After Chris Luley planted a few of the shrubs on his organic farm just to try them out, he soon found customers and local chefs clamoring for more of the purple fruit with a taste that’s been described as a combination of those flavors. Read more

Already sharing services, NYS schools could do more

NYS Schools
Apr 24, 2014
One provision of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s property tax freeze plan – that tax rebates go to homeowners in localities with a “shared services or administrative consolidation plan” – should not be hard for most school districts. Read more

New alfalfa variety resists ravenous local pest

Apr 22, 2014
Cornell plant breeders have released a new alfalfa variety with some resistance against the alfalfa snout beetle, which has ravaged alfalfa fields in nine northern New York counties and across the St. Lawrence River in Canada. Read more

For a greening Cornell, three is a gold STARS charm

Mar 13, 2014
In the continuing effort to save energy, enhance environmental operations and increase ecological education, Cornell earned its third consecutive gold STARS rating from the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education. Read more

Study: Winter harvest boosts feedstock security

Winter Harvest
Mar 10, 2014
A drought two years ago left dairy farmers with a feed shortage and a lingering question: Can the off-season generate a second harvest? Results from a large collaborative project led by the Cornell Nutrient Management Spear Program (NMSP) shows that it can, and ongoing work will refine nitrogen fertilization guidelines to ensure optimal crop production with reduced risk of soil loss and nitrogen leaching. Read more