Dilmun Hill Student Farm

Welcome to Dilmun Hill. We are a student-run farm that has been practicing sustainable agriculture on Cornell University's campus for more than a decade. Our mission is to provide students, faculty, staff and community with opportunities for experiential learning, group collaboration and research. Throughout the year we host work parties where volunteers work in the fields and experience the latest in sustainable ag practices. The student managers and steering committee members collaborate with the Organic Coordinator and Faculty Advisor to provide leadership in farm operations and  disseminate information through education and outreach. We also collaborate with various organizations on campus, such as MacDaniels Nut Grove (MNG). Our popular campus farm stand offers Dilmun Hill produce for sale from June through October and we supply local produce to Cornell Dining and Manndible CafĂ© in season.

Dilmun Hill is looking for farm managers NOW: 
Join the team and take a leadership role in vegetable production, sales and outreach. This paid position will be full time from mid-May to late August and part time during spring and fall. Application deadline: Friday, February 28, 2016. Learn more and apply now!

Mission Statement

Dilmun Hill is a student run farm that seeks to foster community and empower students through active engagement in ecological agriculture. Dilmun Hill is open to anyone and is a place for experiential learning, group collaboration, research, and outreach.

2014 Dilmun Hill Farm Report

If you are curious how we dealt with the flea beetle invasion, who practiced yoga by the pumpkin patch, what it took to get from seed to canned dilly beans, or who ate all of our farm-fresh produce, you will find this and much more in the report. 

Work Parties

Spring Work Party

A BIG thank you to our dedicated volunteers, who joined one or many of our work parties throughout the growing season. We could have not done it without you!

Join us again in spring 2016 to experience the latest in sustainable ag practices, support the farm, join our community and go home with fresh produce!

Dilmun Hill Impressions